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Tooth-Colored Filling

Woodbridge Tooth-Colored Filling

When considering tooth fillings, one of the options available are composite fillings which are made from durable plastics that are similar in color to natural teeth, Because the composite tooth colored fillings are tooth-colored, they look more natural and are less noticeable compared to other types of fillings.

Another benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that they are compatible with sealants allowing your dentist to perform both procedures in a single sitting preventing further decay. There are other advantages to composite, tooth-colored fillings, most importantly the capability of bonding to the tooth structure. Also in many cases, they can be repaired by the addition of more composite material.

Speak with one of our doctors to find out which kind of filling is best for you.

What are the different types of dental fillings?

Fillings vary in complexity and material. Some are direct fillings, placed "directly" in a cavity, although others are indirect, wherein an impression of the tooth is taken and a custom filling is created to fit around it. If your dentist suggests a tooth restoration, knowing what's available can help you make the best choice for your mouth.

We will cover five main types of tooth fillings in this post. These are:

  1. Composite fillings
  2. Silver amalgam fillings
  3. Glass ionomer fillings
  4. Ceramic, and
  5. Gold fillings

How Long Does It Take to Fill a Cavity?

Since filling is a common and relatively simple procedure, it doesn't take very long to complete. A typical filling procedure only takes about an hour. If you have several cavities that need to be filled, your dentist may treat them over multiple visits.

After receiving a filling in one of your teeth, you may experience some soreness or tooth sensitivity. This can last for hours or days after the procedure. Avoid foods and drinks that can trigger sensitivity, including very hot and cold drinks, sugary foods and soft drinks. If the sensitivity doesn't go away, or if the soreness gets worse, see your dentist.

Some types of fillings need time to fully set. Sticky or hard foods can sometimes dislodge a new filling that hasn't fully hardened, so don't eat these types of foods until the filling has set. Ask your Woodbridge dentist how long you should wait to ensure you don't damage your filling.

Fillings may have sharp edges, even after being polished by the dentist. They might not be noticeable at first due to the anesthetic, but they can cause discomfort once the numbness wears off. If your new filling feels sharp, tell your Woodbridge dentist so they can fix it.

Final Note:

Tooth cavity filling typically poses no significant risk, however, you should stay in touch with your dentist if you have inquires or complications. They will be glad to address your worries. Ensure you follow every recommendation proffered by the dentist.

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and help guide you in making the best decision. Contact us today!

Call us today at 703-910-4805 to discuss your treatment options and schedule an appointment at our Woodbridge dental office.