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Dental Implants


WOODBRIDGE SMILES DENTIST DR SINDHURA UPPALAPATI often recommends dental implants for tooth replacement because of the many benefits they offer for daily quality of life and long term dental health. Come visit Woodbridge Smiles today!
Missing teeth are embarrassing, causing people to hide their smile and lose their self-esteem. The space created by missing teeth can easily become infected with bacteria, causing other teeth to shift out of place, and making it difficult for people to speak or eat correctly. Dr Sindhura and her team of trained dentists and the staff at Woodbridge Smiles are aware and sensitive to the hardship a missing tooth can create. Woodbridge Smiles provides “dental implants” so that our patients can regain and retain their self-confidence, improve their health, and approach life boldly.

The experienced dentists at Woodbridge Smiles love to transform smiles with dental implants. If you are suffering from missing teeth, this is definitely an option you want to consider. Not only we will replace your teeth with durable implants, but we take the time and extra care to make sure that all implants are natural and fit in seamlessly with your natural teeth. You will be leaving Woodbridge Smiles with a broad, beautiful and dazzling smile that you to want to show off all the time! We suggest that you contact our office in Woodbridge, VA as soon as possible to get your Consultation.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

What are Dental Implants?

Simply stated, dental implants are titanium cylinders that are permanently placed in the jaw bone. The implants provide the support for the replaced teeth. They are permanent and very successful.

Why should you consider dental implants?

Implants are affordable and permanent. Unlike dentures, once the implants are in, you can forget them. When you consider the ease and affordability of implants, there is no reason to live with missing teeth or loose dentures.

What are some of the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer the next best option to your teeth. They look and feel like your natural teeth. They improve the appearance of your mouth and smile. With dental implants, you are not restricted to certain foods and can eat corn on the cob and chew gum. Dental implants also reduce the bone atrophy and shrinkage that is common with lost teeth.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

No. Local anesthetic is used during the procedure to eliminate pain. After surgery, you may feel a bit sore for a day, but the pain and discomfort are minimal.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

You take care of your implants exactly like your natural teeth. Implants don’t require any special maintenance. You might even forget they’re there because you’ll brush them like normal, speak like you always did, and go in for regular cleanings to keep plaque from building up on them too.

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Affordable Dental Implants

Looking for a dentist that offers full-service DENTAL IMPLANTS IN Woodbridge, VA, Lake Ridge, VA, Stafford, VA, and Dumfries, VA? SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with Dr Sindhura today to learn how she can help you get the beautiful smile you deserve. We are currently accepting new patients!

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dental Implants